Reviews for "Wilderness Survival 4"

Getting better!! Emergency puzzle box was a good puzzle. Creating the obvious bow-arrow-rope combo doesn't work in the logical order (technically you'd attach the rope to the arrow first... really it should work in any possible order (i.e. bow+rope doesn't work)), but it is good to see item combination.

Final arrowhead combination puzzle is not really a puzzle (well it is if you guessed the combination: if you assume the first symbol is not in the solution, but every other symbol is, then there are only 24 combination to try...) and is a little annoying because it feels too much like deus ex machina - the answer is given to you, but its looks like some kind of an ancient combination stone wall - you think someone would have taken more effort to hide the combination! Maybe an ancient American Indian pictogram wall where you have to press the correct pictograms in the right order to cause part of the wall to crumble away would have felt more with the theme (especially if the player has to dust the rubble away!).

Really need the inventory to stay open - it's annoying when combining things or using items (I'm thinking arrowheads) repetitively - the inventory has a close handle - but because it closes when you select an item, there is never a need for it!!

I did get a little stuck on the metal bar... sometimes I forget to try the items picked up in a previous episodes :) I take that as a good thing - it means everything is not taken for granted.

It IS well done, and I wouldn't mind seeing more of these (wow - you've been busy!!).

I had to check the walkthrough to figure out a few things such as the code to open up the emergency box. I still wonder how I would've guessed the code without walkthrough. The dry dirtballs got me puzzled too. Nice game to play with the walkthrough. Only 3.5* because I thought the clues were a bit chaotic.

mediocre at best, with the whole series over I enjoyed it though many of the puzzles don't many any sense at all. This was the first time I had to look up the walkthrough, which by the way on your site is broken but on your youtube channel is fine.

Graphics are cutesy but can be done better, but the biggest problem I have is with the UI. This time you introduced combining items as well as the other mechanics previous. The energy and health mechanics I felt was an opportunity wasted and in later parts became an annoyance. The inventory screen was perfect in the first game, but as it went on it felt more and more clunky until in this finale I didn't even know how to combine items until I looked at the walkthrough. Though my biggest gripe is that sometimes I really don't know what to click, what looks like I can click isn't possible while I am surprised that some parts can.

Not saying the series as a whole was bad, it just wasn't something I would play again - in fact I almost rage quit this game.

Summary of improvements:
- better inventory system (drag drop to use item on environment I always find is the best)
- better item combine system (drag drop over other items in inventory or an item combine screen)
- mouse/highlight indication over intractable objects will be a life saver - if not just have a simple graphical choice where stuff you can't click is more duller and intractable objects are more colorful/saturated

I don't feel compelled to play your previous games based on this series, but if you nail down a solid mechanic system that you can bring to every episode of your game then you have yourself a new fan.

One of your best games, in one of your very best series. I was dismayed that it took so long for them to go up, but they were worth the wait. Some really nice evolution in your puzzles. Where exactly was the cave that it opened right onto the parking lot? :)

You're doing very well! Keep it up.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! It was one of those crazy caves that you can't see from outside. No one new it was there, then you popped out!

*clicks on stop sign*
Well, this looks like a good place to stop!