Reviews for "Wilderness Survival 4"

AHH! That emergency box had me pondering forever! Man I would of died from hunger if I was there for real. - You know I was really going to write down the numbers for the emergency box then I figured it would be not wise so the other players don't get too get it that easy :) - I got at least 3 with out getting suck on the yellow number..That was a good one.. The rest of the puzzle was a piece of cake. (: Thanks for the fun! Or some might call it torture!!

Wasn't expecting to just pack up and go from the newly arrived-at location! :O Good thing the canoe trip wasn't so long... new place provided another set of nice challenges, and what a sudden change of scenery once you find those arroeheads! Meant to point out earlier btw, that I really like the navigation arrows in this interface better than the bars in the old ones. Do hope this is the new style. Keep it going!


Awesome game!

yay the canoe ride was shorter this time the diget code was hard as well the ending was something u see once in a life time

This episode is the most enjoyable among the four. I felt great for finding all five arrow heads and a way to go back to the town. ;D

To be honest, it's very difficult to work out the four-digit emergency code even I had read the posts below. How you came up with an "eight" for the red code remained a mystery? There were only four letters on the STOP sign. e.e

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