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Reviews for "Xtrullor & Hex Eater - Soulstorm"

Incredible. Again.

RubRub says he's gonna use this in a new update of GD.

Xtrullor responds:

He did not. Think again.

This is a really nice track, but I feel the drop comes in too late. I'm sitting here for over a minute and a half waiting for the brutal drop I know Xtrullor would always bring to us. The drop itself is very well made and kept me at the edge of my seat. The intro (not minding the delayed drop) itself is a very nice opening to a great track. The track, however, seemed like it ended a little too fast, but that's just my opinion.
I also had a few questions to ask you. What VSTs do you use? How many different drum samples are going to be in your sample pack? Are there going to be any growl-type samples in the pack? And lastly, will you make a track with me?

This song, I like, because of the valorous tone to it. It fits with the style of the song. And, of course, I can hear those, Xtrullor-like effects to it. Nice collaboration, Xtrullor ~ Hexeater

can't wait fo hear how the next one is going to sound like.

A very EPIC song!
And I Love those voices ;)