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Reviews for "Gunnihilation Prototype"

For a prototype is game is very solid. The stun and reload system is very good addition for this person-based shooting game style. Added the fact that you can stop shooting briefly and manually reload is solid. Frenzy feels right without being overpowered, and the skill selection is great for difficult curves and challenges. Maybe a more personal thought this is, but if Frenzy secondary was a heavy shotgun with a large, wide damaging muzzle plume and the pellets could bounce once. I think players can get more tactics out of it. If you really want to push the Frenzy SG - let it charge up >:3

Back to the game workings, the traps add a bullet hell feel - so definitely keep that. So for keeping gameplay fresh and spunky I see two things thus far. Using switches and special breakable terrain to affect horde flow and create breathers (Environment Mechanic). The second and further of that is finding cool things in the fields.
A little something like: anage to uncover and protect a Sp target in the map, gain a new way to go and its bonus points. Push a big red button, turns out to be something cool and aids when the horde gets VERY large. "Easter Egg Bonus-ups"basically that make the map/environment just as fun.

zqf responds:

Thanks for your feedback. All good ideas :) Definitely looking into more ways to make the levels more dynamic, and some form of extra objectives will be part of that (like Robotron style rescuing hostages and such). Breakable terrain will be in, though I'm mainly looking into it as a tool for the enemy to use rather than the player, with the large robots destroying chucks of cover and such.

I'm glad you like the Traps mode. I wasn't sure how annoying people would find it, but it is a major challenge increase in some levels.

great game! very cool!

zqf responds:

Cheers :)

Very cool and funny. Good graphics. Sound and music could be improved a lot. But its already very nice!

Nice use of sprites, fullscreen mode(!!) and death corpses and scrap metal wreckages.
It had everything I needed, hell it even had that melting loading screen visual just like DOOM :D
Can't really give extra addon advice except for two things, you basically have in discription what I missed.
- Music. Well I couldn't care less, you know most people mute it anyway, or use one of their own songs. ( like me, I just tuned up a nice set of metal songs to go with it. To give it more of that DOOM feeling)
- Sound effects however can be expanded. What you have now doesn't sound wrong, it's just not enough variation.
- More different kind of enemies and bosses. This is really the only thing I can think of, what isn't told in the discription. But I do think you will cover this in the full version.
- More player characters. It's always good to have choices. The guy in this game used a machinegun and a close range shotgun, you could try to add characters with dual pistol and secondary rocket launchers or something. Just a suggestion.
Well that's it ^^;

Awesome game already!

This game reminded me very heavily of everything i love about serious sam, keep it up!