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Reviews for "Gunnihilation Prototype"

This game is the shiz brah!

Very cool and funny. Good graphics. Sound and music could be improved a lot. But its already very nice!

nice one, remined me of those old school shoot em up games i played in pubs :)

This game is fucking AWESOME! Its like Broforce in a sense, but its so cool! IF you can make it a longer game, it has enough potential to be on steam. It doesnt need music to be epic! Its great right now, some epic music would make it even MORE EPIC, but that ends up on the author hands.

I was really getting into it when I accidentally pressed ctrl + w (Close tab on chrome), perhaps make it shift? It also really needs music/ more sound, it felt really quiet, it is a prototype though so it doesn't matter too much

zqf responds:

Good idea, I'll change that.