Reviews for "~:Lunar Abyss:~"

Really awesome song, I hope you get scouted o-o

lchavasse responds:

Thanks :p

Awesome song! Is all of the music on your profile 100% yours only? I am considering scouting you.

lchavasse responds:

Yes, All of it is 100% original. I was scouted before, Somehow I got un-scouted.

Eeepic dubstep!!! It's actually like rukkus' :)

MY GOD! I'm gonna assume you know Rukkus, if you don't look him up on here... You won't be disappointed but WOW!

THAT WAS RUKKUS STANDARD! Try and get some louder drums in there if you can, 'cause it feels a bit hollow, like it's more sound effects than tunes but SWEET JESUS THAT WAS NEAR PERFECT!

The first drop hadn't made it very clear it had got to the dubstep part, but the second part was BEAUTIFUL!

You are getting recommended for the audio portal and getting a fan and getting 5 stars and getting 1 more play on all of your music!

lchavasse responds:

Aw jeez, XD I don't this is comparable to rukkus, Im glad you think so though! I agree with you on the drums, And I also think the first drop is a little meh.

Thanks a lot though! I'm glad you liked it so much. :O

pretty dope, i feel needs more structure tho