Reviews for "~:Lunar Abyss:~"

Duelo Maestro ?

Sooooooooo Gooooooood!


The beginning just adds to the main melody which comes to another tune making it not too repetitive, changing back but with a newer sound. The tension builds and we get a dropish thing, not bad, reminds me of Genesis, I hear a tune behind which comes out after the drop with a bit of drop behind going back to the beginning, tension, it's 2 mins in and... A transition... Ok, I hear a repetitive build up, which just adds more to the REAL drop which is very nice with a nice electronic behind it making the drop even better, it's stops building momentary tension leading back to the main melody... The 2nd main melody, mono sound is nice a little build up and ends with a nice electronic ring... Nicely done! About -.1 for each bad moment (the first drop) so 4.9/5 which rounds to 5/5! Not bad...

Really enjoy this song, one of the best dubstep in Newgrounds!