Reviews for "Power Girl: Pity Sex"


I'm a sucker for blue eyes so this was awesome.....

I've played this game before on other sites. It's decent, the dialogue is much better than most of the other games, and the costume for Kara/Karen/Powergirl is close to perfect. I only really have one thing wrong with the game in general (although this is more nerdy stuff than game stuff so it doesn't affect the game itself)

Kara/Karen/Powergirl (I do that because there's been technically 1 Powergirl but she has two different names...as she is either the other earth supergirl, and then the other one I think was just a name change) wouldn't actually be able to have sex with a human...her kryptonian physiology would make it impossible for a normal human to penetrate her special 'areas'.

However...this game is a fantasy game, well laid out, awesome, and kinda funny. (Pop can to the head) so 5/5

Normal i see not a demo this i not like demo,lide look all story.

im so horney now