Reviews for "Power Girl: Pity Sex"

Very well done. A bit simplistic, but I wasn't really expecting that from a game of this type

And thus we have never before and never again seen the White Knight rewarded for his good deeds. Yet even so, he continues protecting the women of the world.

Finally, a good game from you! A good amount of different positions, and I loved the titfuck, especially after she got covered in cum.

Yes, it is simplistic, but I'd rather have a simplistic porn game than a porn game which requires quick reactions or loads of clicking and fast mouse moving. Look at Diva Mizuki Portal for example, you had to be moving your mouse constantly so that you wouldn't fail, and at the same time you were supposed to jerk off too. The amount of interaction is fine in my opinion. Not too much or too little.

Power girl has always been busty... but really...lactating?

game isn't bad, but very simplistic. Feel almost as though it should have just been a video, over a game.