Reviews for "Power Girl: Pity Sex"

i misclicked something and she had 3 boobs

10/10 best game 2013

With all her superpowers, not sure why she lets the bandit feel her up and almost rape her ?? - maybe a silly question!

The game title is a bit odd. Gratitude fuck or friendly fuck, but I can't see she's taking pity exactly? Trivial detail maybe. But could you do a game with a PROPER PITY FUCK? Might be cool!

The cowgirl dominant fuck is nicely sketched - wish you'd done her body in more loving detail than you did though. It's more primitive lines than I like from you.

I like the hooter touchy-feely option during the fuck!

I'd have preferred the assfuck also to have been an optional extra, rather than (yet again) the inevitable, inescapable climax of the fuck - a constant lament by me, is it just me?

He has a mammoth cock for a snivelly little geek. I appreciate your support work for the deprived, but I sort of prefer the focus on her! ;)

The blowjob is sexily devised, if a bit more crudely drawn than desirable for wanking - she again superheroine-dominant at first (hand on his hip), optical illusion created that he starts to control her more later as her throat takes more cock inches, which is a good development - and good to see her gagging for it throughout (hot greedy eyes!). Hand placement option is neat. I like these options generally .... do it more? I like the slightly independently heaving hooters. Nice naturalistic touch.

She has a fine ass - borderline massive, but sexy during the BJ. During the doggy, the line's a bit crazy - massive tops of thighs but wasp knees, looks very weird. Also the mammoth bazongas are a bit scary, they're so OTT. I like her "surrender hands" and gasping mouth as she is doggied however. Good to see even a superheroine conquered!

Titfuck is a bit weak. Drawing primitive, face and tits too (and overinflated). Very routine.

I'm glad there's a proper closing scene (usually neglected by Vad). But might have been more fun if she'd flown off with her faceful and tits plastered, and left Cody to be shamefully busted. After all, what remaining need has she of the little twerp, now she's paid him back and sexed herself off?

It's not quite as good as your old work, but your animation skills are getting a lot better.

The animation is pretty good

My God! I can't stand this! I can't!

And with "this" I mean a lot. First is the music, which can be listenable at the very best, and you can't mute it at all. And the worst part is that people in the comments seems to enjoy it!...Oh wait, they say it's "better than the actual scene", my pardon.
Yes, it is, but only because the scene sucks like every other from VadimGoD, shabby and without any realism attached to it, like, her chest was literally bigger than her head at certain scenes!
A guy can't even jack off to this: the scenes weren't skippable, but they WERE repetitive, tedious (like my review probably :P) and once again, unrealistic.
I won't even speak off the "plot".

I should give 0 stars, buuut im not that evil. You did improve, just a little bit I guess... I dunno.
I will give 1 star instead.

And for those fat geeks out there reading this, go to redtube or something. Like, real porn, not like this...