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Reviews for "Poly's Mountain Adventure"

His response to the bear, I was rolling on the floor, lol :)

PhantomCat responds:

I could bearly contain myself, as well.

WOW!!! It's even better than the original!!!
My inner child is so happy right now... great job PhantomCat!!!

PhantomCat responds:

You flatterer, you.

Now I can experience bear castrating action in 3D!!!

PhantomCat responds:

Holla for a pollahedron

wow, a great game, even greater than the old, original one!
surely, miraclefruit's game is a cult classic, but this one...it had epic 3-D!!!!!
a fun, and great game, with the twist of better graphics...
nice and enjoyable, this game had similar targets and missions like its predecessors, and i yet again fought and defeated the evil bear using my ancient-bear-beating techniques, taught to me by miracloo-froot-san, in a trip in benjing....
good game, got all the medals, avoided bb10, and i won.
i would play again. do more mate!!!

PhantomCat responds:

But the original was in BOTH dimensions. This is only in all three.

Excellent. Pure genius. I'd fuck Roseanne just to play this wonderful ham sANDWICH again. That part where you have to fart into the park rangers ass so that he could harness your fart just to blow air biscuits into the retarded bears face just twists my nipples in the most groin grabbing fashion.

PhantomCat responds:

wow spoilers