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Reviews for "The Tower"

Quite enjoyed this game :) I'm not too sure if it's intentional, but i found that the worse i did, the easier the level got which is good for players like me lol. On a side note, the only fault i found was that if i missed a platform or ledge and i fell down, sometimes i couldn't see my character or where to just as they ended up off screen. Other than that, good game.

TheRaindrinker responds:

Not intentional! Thats what randomness is, sometimes she's a b****, sometimes she's all nice :)
Glad you liked it. That bug was because the "youre dead" zone was a bit off, will be fixed next version.

Hey, That is a good flash. What you need is more Color, If you know what I mean.

TheRaindrinker responds:

Im not super-duper exactly sure what you mean. Literally more colors involved, or you mean i should try to add music, or animation, or more things(obstacles, events)...?

This game has good potential. However, maybe you should of refined it more before releasing, by adding a high score, more obstacles, achievements, etc. I wouldn't of uploaded it if you didn't think it was fully finished.

TheRaindrinker responds:

Yeah i'm just messign around to get some feedback. I am not even sure if uploading a non-finished game affects my profile in some way i should avoid, i actually just made the account. Should i put it down until i get is somewhat finished?

Too easy.This needs more animations and less platforms.Gameplay is alright tho.