Reviews for "The Revamp Collab"

I loved the art work, music and medals in your Collab. The easy medals are a plus. Well done DIWAKAR, you organized a great collab...

DIWAKAR responds:

ThanK.. you .. Sir!

Thank you a lot about the medal! I earned all them.

DIWAKAR responds:

You're welcome!

Great work! Got a smile (and maybe a laugh or two).

11 new quality artworks not enough for you? There is always the art portal (RME). I do wish more artists took part - but hey, getting people to work together is half the challenge!

STBO: Yes, its not a game, it's an artist's collab. Think of it as gallery-viewing-on-your-computer. So rate it as an artist collab!! NG still needs a "non-game" category in the game portal (art collabs seem to end up in "gadgets-other"!) for stuff like this & interactive movies (never did work out where these end up).

For the mad gamers: think of it as a break from your mad gaming!

DIWAKAR responds:

Thanx a lot
We r glad we did something to make you smile

Thanks for the medals, found them all except "Aim".

DIWAKAR responds:

Well Robots aim from Visor I think

Nice revamping of characters. Will there be a sequel with new ones?
The medals work, and I earned them all.

DIWAKAR responds:

Yeah There will be because I got less artists this time maybe i will get more the next time
Maybe it will be the revamped revamp collab LOL