Reviews for "Essence of Manwhore"

I love it so much it hate me to move.

I was drawn back to newgrounds when I found the dance of the manwhore somehow downloaded to one of my devices somewhere, can't remember what, but either way, I was confused for a moment by the newer episode, passion of the manwhore, only because I thought it was the first one, but there was no walrus so I figured that one out real quick. I was unsure of my feelings, but now, I'm quite comfortable with the fact that I must have returned to newgrounds specifically for your flash videos. Thank you Sexual-Lobster, your flashes now bridge my life from four years ago to now.

Sexual-Lobster responds:


Very nice.

You make the first of the month so bright.

Dat high five.....

Man, you are one of my favorite newgroundser. newgroundsier. newgrounds user? .... forget it just, "you are one of my favorite people on newgrounds."

P.S. are you going to make a full song of the Anal viginity song?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

cheers. i don't have any more material for it sadly.