Reviews for "Essence of Manwhore"

You've managed to straddle the line between self-aggrandizement and self-mockery.

And then you rode it like a horny cowboy.

Sexual-Lobster responds:


This episode just make me cry when they go to twitter

Squishy and delicious, but not soon forgotten is how I would describe this video. Hilarious as always, top notch voice work and excellent animations. The anal thing was slightly unnerving at first, then I got over myself and realized how funny it was considering Fernando's history. A+ work, Lobster.

Sexual-Lobster responds:


"I'd say that describes me perfectly."

Flawless animation as always. Off-beat and irreverant humor with that trademark Lobster style. I must say, the association with anal sex and pasta left me with a sour taste in my mouth, but whatev's! I enjoyed the video.

... Is my nose brown?

Sexual-Lobster responds:


grate as aslways sexual-sentual.........lobster