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Reviews for "Viking Valor"

Boring, long and poorly thought-out game. Many other games before it have implemented the concept a lot better. I was bored halfway through the first level already (even though I'm a big fan of defense games!) due to the sluggishness of the cannnon and small blast area. But the worst thing is that traps only hit the enemies once, meaning there's no strategy for trap positioning (i.e., doesn't matter if you slow enemies first then spike them or the other way around. In better games, slowing enemies first will make them take more damage from the spikes, as they are exposed to them longer).

Cool game

Some framerate issues with the animated traps, but that's about all to really complain about. It was quite short took me 30mins to fully complete and unlock all the medals. Bit grindy if you waiste your skill points early on. The character design was decent, damage curve was smooth enough to not make it all to difficult.

Some possible improvements would be; fast forward button, option to remove traps (if it's possible it's unclear on how to remove them), unlimited mode and custom lvl edidtor for that unlimited mode.
To come back to that last point (lvl editor), some features you might want to look into for that. custom waves, adjustable minions (health/speed/damage), start conditions (gold, upgrades, etc.).

Great game, 4/5 because off the frame issue and the small grinding part. Hope to see a sequel or prequel (where you have to create waves to steal the diamond or such).

The final boss can not be defeated.

This game was a waste o time, a BAD waste of time.

I do not know why so many are whining about the medals, they work just fine.

Also, I do not know why so many are complaining about the lag - sure it slowed things a tiny bit, but not significant enough to affect the actual gameplay/playability.. even with a full map of traps and flooded with a full-untouched wave. Maybe it is time for them to upgrade their hardware or to check Task Manager and stop some useless RAM crunching programs.

Anyway, this game loses an entire star for miscounting upgrade points. I cannot tell you how annoyed I was to see THREE unusable points until all the upgrades were maxed. Either reduce 1-2 upgrades by a total of TWO points together or make 1-3 upgrades a total of THREE more points together!!! It was so frustrating to gain 10 points for a crap total of 13... when ALL of the useful upgrades were 10/15/20/25/etc points! When you hit maximum level 99, you are left with 27 useless trap points and 56 useless upgrade points - so much room to make some ridiculously powerful game-breaking upgrades, which should only become available after getting all the badges.

Talking about game-breaking, the Evacuator is just that! Takes twice as long to fire when compared to the Gentle Gemini, but deals 4 or so times more damage. It works great with "mach-stormer"s suggestion of left-to-right Horn Blowers/Fireball Pipes/Tesla Coil. You only need one set like that, the rest can be alternating Horn Blowers/Fireball Pipes - which is the setup I used to defeat the boss twice so far. Though, I completely disagree with the Dynamite Trap tip.. it is the most useless trap in my opinion, it is a one-time use trap and you cannot replace it when there are opps on the spot - which makes it utter crap vs Boss. A better use for it would have been as an item that can be used every 30(?) seconds, like the spells, except it costs gold to use too. Nothing like a surplus of 6k+ gold on Boss battle to look pretty... because once you place a trap, there is no way to remove it.

Minus half a star: useless Trash slot in the Traps menu. Why isn't there a way to destroy/sell a trap after it is placed? Why have a Trash slot, when you can click anywhere outside the Trap menu (excluding the area where traps are placed) to deselect the Trap? Why not replace the Trash slot with a Sell/Destroy slot that is clicked on to activate and then able to click on the trap that is no longer wanted? Yes? Please fix this.

Minus half a star: Lack of details for Traps. Example: "Spring Board: Launches the enemies backward, what more do you need? 2 meter/Every 3 sec" - sounds amazing, right? Well, it pretty much only works on mini foot soldiers. And what the hell is "2 meter" when the game has no measurements, why not two trap-spaces or the like? You know what else? Each opp can only be flung backward once per Spring Board. THIS would have been great to know before buying the fifth most expensive trap! On top of which, permanently stays on the map until you beat the stage or start over. Thanks! [/sarcasm] - you get the idea - make a glossary of enemies and what affects what, so players can use their brain for a strategy rather than testing every Trap. And again, they cannot be removed after buying..

Anyway, enough complaining. I enjoyed the game, as there is no other reason to play until level 99. The music was good enough that I did not mute it until I started typing this review. I really like the art, very clean/sharp. Each stage brought in a new challenge and I am super glad the Boss was close-combat, otherwise Final Showdown would have been impossible.

All in all, it does deserve Daily Feature (the above issues are only specifically noticeable with excessive gameplay) - congratz! =)


Nice visuals, but poorly balanced and buggy.
Ex. Spike traps will only deal damage once. Using a Spring trap to throw people back will let them walk over the traps again without taking damage.