Reviews for "A Temple Of Two Worlds"

wow fun!! Really tricky and I love the ending (s)

Awesome little game! I only wish there'd been an extra scene at the end after meeting Beil. Not gonna spoil but you know what I mean. But very sweet and moving. ALMOST got to the end without the walkthrough (quite a feat for me) but the z/p issue fooled me. So simple, yet so confounding (it got to the point where I was wondering "is GENA the daughter?").

Little complaints: the typing system is frustrating (you have to time the typing with the blinking of the black bar). Not a big issue once you figure out how to time it but irksome; I would fix it if you ever did an improved version. Also, a typo: it's manual, not manuel. Since you made this in such a short timespan I don't hold it against you, but again, something you wanna fix if you ever do a second version.

But yeah, really wonderful game by any measure, and especially for being made in several days.

Wonderful game! 5 out of 5!

That's so beutiful. :.|

Excellent game. Only reason I'm leaving off half a star is because of the 95Y/95y bug.