Reviews for "Tinyverse"

Neat, but buggy. The size of the goal regions depends on the level of zoom I'm using in Chrome. Up through level 6 playing with 175% zoom is fine, but level 7 is unbeatable in that state and I need to reload the game. When I first tried it all of the planets were sitting outside of the circles and there would be no way to force them in. It wasn't until I saw the walkthrough and could see from the drastically different sizes you had compared to me that I could realize that the game was unsolvable from that state.

If I instead start the game very zoomed out, level 7 automatically passes, no links required.

jebouin responds:

Thanks for pointing this out, it should be fixed now.

Almost certain 15 isn't solvable. I get what I assume is the correct solution (cannot think of any others as I've tried every other combination) the countdown starts for a split second then just stops. Other than that fun game.

GREAT! Super Original!!!! have you thought mading one about molecules??

Fantastic little game :) Concept was brilliant and original and i loved the design of the game. Hope you add more levels!!
5 from me

jebouin responds:

Thanks for playing!
I will probably make an android version of the game with more levels and a better UI. :)

Great game, great concept.