Reviews for "Tinyverse"

Its like playing pool bowling and trying to construct a building all in one, last few lvles was fun.

I took the walkthrough from after level 15 :3

Im stuck in level 15, the physics must be overwritten. Aside from that, I had fun playing the game.

I did the third level wrong and it just sat there. I started clicking and pressing escape and stuff to try to get a menu and it took me back to the world selection thing. I clicked on the furthest dot I had, assuming it would be where I left off at, but it was the second level I guess. Obviously I didn't feel like redoing that level so i tried to press escape again. Nothing happened. I hurried up and wasted my bonds cause I figured maybe that's the only time i can get back to the level select. Again, escape did nothing. Clicking furiously also did nothing, but this time I got an indicator telling me to press R and restart the level. Screw that. Why can I only get a menu on levels I haven't completed?

The graphics are rather cruddy and pixelated, the sound's not that impressive, the gameplay is okay, but with gamebreaking glitches I feel no urge to play any further.

Good way to kill a bit of time! Got stuck on level 18 for a bit. Btw level 20 its possible (and much easier) to do it with just one [3] link between just the two planets. I watched the walkthrough to see how it was supposed to be done but yh its easier with just the one link. Might be worth having a look at?

jebouin responds:

Thanks for playing! I realized it was possible to beat level 20 with only one link, but I didn't change that because a lot of people still didn't notice it and it was fun to watch them struggle with a more complicated way to finish the level. ^^