Reviews for "Prostitute Mickey 6"

Haha Goofy's voice really cracked me up! Nice job!

I hope this isn't the last of the series because I've enjoyed the hell out of all of them. But I guess I can understand if Mickey can't make any more of them, now that he's back on top and getting starring roles again.

He owes it all to you, man. Be proud of this fine work.

Enjoyed it a lot. Seems for the last episode you decided to really leave mickey in a bad state, he now has tits and is addicted to heroin, not really a happy ending, which is hilarious. Good job, sad to see it's the last one but guess you gotta change it up eventually.

The writing for this is great, the voice acting was good too. Love the last bit at the end the most.

The writing could've been better, some of the jokes could have been better delivered but for what it is, it's solid.

Really enjoying this series and hope you come to perfect it.