Reviews for "Prostitute Mickey 6"

Wow. Didn't know something could be funny and depressing at the same time.
keep it up man.

Entertaining and a bit disturbing. There is no rock bottom for Mickey. If this is the last, I think it is a good end for the series.

Aw, I love this series. The voices are just spot on. This is exactly how these characters would sound in this scenario. I knew it was going to be a porno. Well, to be fair, there was some stuff besides porn. Piglett deserves to be shot.

Everything was just so funny in this. I wasn't expecting Mickey to be credited like that. Honestly, I wasn't! It helps that the animation is great too. Piglett sounds funny, but he still deserved to die for shooting that heroin into Mickey.

Reminds me of Serbian Film...I LOVE IT!

i love this series omg