Reviews for "Prostitute Mickey 6"

I was honestly about to go to bed because I didn't think there was going to be a good flash movie on the frontpage... Immediately saw 'Prostitute Mickey 6' and went to click it. Never a disappointment man. I understand that you want to move onto other things, so I won't beg for another one of these (as much as I want to!) I am just grateful you provided us with this piece, and it's long enough to satisfy both old fans, new fans, and people who have morbid curiosity!

Thank you so much. Made me laugh and feel bad for Mickey like the previous flashes to this series. My night is made and I can sleep with a smile on my face.

Love how warped this series is.

Gonna have to say I enjoy your videos quite a bit.

Most other animators rely too solely on choking out sentences, making someone's facial feature fall off, and saying "AAAEEEAGAH" randomly, and while there's nothing wrong with that, it's just not as funny as originality.

I laughed a little too much at this, so hats off to you Jonny!

So this is why KH3 is taking so long.

Wrong on soooo many levels!!! :)