Reviews for "Prostitute Mickey 6"

I guess I was one of that bunch, huh? It's just that you did more than one of these, and we just met, so I had to equate your name to what you've produced... This was epic, mortifying and the kind of dark humor no one seems to make anymore. It's a fitting way to close the book on those assets.

The best part of the whole script, was the last line of text, in the credits of the in-movie. 5/5

Ahh, poor Mickey...
As a long time fan of your animations and this series, I must say that this is probably my favorite one.
It has it all.
Drama, conflict, comedy, and perhaps a cliffhanger???
I couldn't help but crack up when the little piglet guy showed up and gave Mick some "juice" XD
Also, the Joe character is extremely sleazy, dirty, and hilarious! Well done :D
Anyway, I really hope you might reconsider making more of these down the road because they're always good for some laughs.
Keep up the amazing work!

I was honestly about to go to bed because I didn't think there was going to be a good flash movie on the frontpage... Immediately saw 'Prostitute Mickey 6' and went to click it. Never a disappointment man. I understand that you want to move onto other things, so I won't beg for another one of these (as much as I want to!) I am just grateful you provided us with this piece, and it's long enough to satisfy both old fans, new fans, and people who have morbid curiosity!

Thank you so much. Made me laugh and feel bad for Mickey like the previous flashes to this series. My night is made and I can sleep with a smile on my face.

That guy's voice made me think of Jack Black at some points

So wrong in so many ways. Parody parody parody.... Warped and perverted with tons of drugs and sex (all the most perverted gay kind. The things people do for their drugs...)

Why do I have a feeling Minni Mouse was Micky with implants? But they are right, all princesses have to have titties!