Reviews for "Prostitute Mickey 6"

Poor Mickey is a miracle that he is not dead yet, also Goofy always kills me of laughter i have learned that i am immortal!

glad to mickies fine ass back on that corner

I hope this isn't the last of the series because I've enjoyed the hell out of all of them. But I guess I can understand if Mickey can't make any more of them, now that he's back on top and getting starring roles again.

He owes it all to you, man. Be proud of this fine work.

Aw, I love this series. The voices are just spot on. This is exactly how these characters would sound in this scenario. I knew it was going to be a porno. Well, to be fair, there was some stuff besides porn. Piglett deserves to be shot.

Everything was just so funny in this. I wasn't expecting Mickey to be credited like that. Honestly, I wasn't! It helps that the animation is great too. Piglett sounds funny, but he still deserved to die for shooting that heroin into Mickey.

Why... Why does that stupid mouse continue to trust Goofy or Joe?! haha
I'm amazed that you pulled this off so quickly (no pun intended).
Hilarious and messed up as always :D