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Reviews for "When Worlds Collide"

I really did enjoy this game! Its main problem is that I don't think it can even be beaten. It's just you have to destroy the portals the enemies are coming through. It seems like that would have made a good game in itself. You didn't have to have the mirror theme. It is hard to believe this was made so quickly.

It really is well done in terms of graphics. The enemies are even pretty creative themselves. The sound with the gun wasn't too bad. It did get repetitive. I'm just glad to have played it.

I liked the shooting mechanic; the gun really felt like there was some weight to it.

ehhh i would say it is okay nothing fantasy that screams addicting but nothing i would bash on talking about how bad it is the main thing that i think would make the game a lot better would be some background music and maybe so more power ups and in different places than just the one you already posted about so that is something i would say you could code something really good :)

Hard, hard, this game too hard! I chanted those words right through, until I lost, at a score of 10. The next waves game too fast and I couldn't even destroy a spawner before more came. :\

This game COULD be good, but it just is not fun. After a while of playing i got invincible (maybe its just me). i could not lose unless i tried. At least make the game get harder. adding more time to the next wave does not really make the difficulty change. the gun shoots so fast that i just click once and the enemy is dead. Also make different enemies instead of the same portal thing. There should be different levels with obstacles to make the game difficult.