Reviews for "Through the Mirror"

Awesome, i had a great timing playing, i loved the colors, music and the theme, waiting for a sequel.

The game play was easy to grasp, and the levels were quite challenging. The level design was also really great. It could have been more challenging and more levels would be nice, but I acknowledge that this game has been made in under 48 hours. I can't come up with one single negative aspect, except for not having more levels with increased difficulty.
Moreover, I really liked the ending. The game had despite the abstract figures a romantic element. What I also liked about the ending was how the circle leaved the last level (which could have been a bit more difficult), and in the end the camera zoomed in at steps.

CleitonEldorn responds:

Thank you, I really loved work on this game. And I wish to do a longer version later. After the month of Ludum Dare voting is over I will probably add few more levels.

Amazing game,

I'd normally have to complain about a game being hard from dodgy controls and impossible level design, but this game has used this double entity idea and made it a whole lot more enjoyable to play as to the previous versions of games like this. The level design is great and confusing to get my head around, haven't seen game play as smooth and nice as this one with tight controls. 5/5 for you! Would only like a slightly longer version, or at least something which lets you make your own levels (if it's not too complicated). (:

Wow! We got similar idea of the theme! Although yours feels more like VVVVVV. Please take a lot at my entry:

Nice minimalism artwork, well-designed levels, and great music! Cheers!

CleitonEldorn responds:

Cool, I liked Mirrored Forest! Our ideas were simular, but we took different approaches, I liked the puzzle style that you used, and the relaxing feel. Good work!

This game sure was a doozy. It was very fun challenging and unique. The graphics and gameplay ran very smoothly and i like the ending :)