Reviews for "Through the Mirror"

Great game, very well done! Make more it's awesome!

woohoo awesome game by awesome author

CleitonEldorn responds:

Thank you! :)

parabens Cleiton! eu não consigo acreditar que vi algo que alguem que conheco fez aparecer aqui no Newgrounds. Cheers! (Ramiro)

The game is awesome and for a game made in 48 hours, that is impressive. The fact that also using a CONTROLLER is amazing and a game made for that low amount of time is litreally outstanding. The graphics, (which though had to be rushed cause of time), still look great. Parts of the game could lag but thats probably me. All n' all, this isnt a bad game. Now if LD had longer than 48 hours, (originally thought it was 72 hours) this would come out to be a well better game. GG CleitonEldron, GG! And keep up the good work!

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