Reviews for "Through the Mirror"

Reminds of a game named "thomas was alone" but this is still a Great game. The progression of difficulty challenges the player to use that pink muscle in the skull just a wee bit more than you normally would.

I like games that challenge you to be very alert. The game actually reminded me of Ditto. Through the mirror is more involved with the whole idea of reflection. The graphics are simple, but smooth. The levels were challenging, especially because you go so far and you think you're almost there then you see there is more. I did like the soundtrack that was playing to create a mood.

Overall, The game is challenging, the soundtrack creates a mood. and the graphics are smooth

This might be just me I'm just not that all liking the game because it is hard, The graphics are simple, but it would atleast want something more to it, either giving it a different sprite or a story to them, I forget the game, but someone was doing a playthrough of a game the had simple graphics but a narrator game them personalities. Just the look the something can give it personality or depth to what it is. Just saying, that's what I honestly think.

Amazing game,

I'd normally have to complain about a game being hard from dodgy controls and impossible level design, but this game has used this double entity idea and made it a whole lot more enjoyable to play as to the previous versions of games like this. The level design is great and confusing to get my head around, haven't seen game play as smooth and nice as this one with tight controls. 5/5 for you! Would only like a slightly longer version, or at least something which lets you make your own levels (if it's not too complicated). (:

The game play was easy to grasp, and the levels were quite challenging. The level design was also really great. It could have been more challenging and more levels would be nice, but I acknowledge that this game has been made in under 48 hours. I can't come up with one single negative aspect, except for not having more levels with increased difficulty.
Moreover, I really liked the ending. The game had despite the abstract figures a romantic element. What I also liked about the ending was how the circle leaved the last level (which could have been a bit more difficult), and in the end the camera zoomed in at steps.

CleitonEldorn responds:

Thank you, I really loved work on this game. And I wish to do a longer version later. After the month of Ludum Dare voting is over I will probably add few more levels.

The controls are my main complaint. One slight tap to the right on my arrow keys causes the square to fling off to the left side of the screen. One level, the game just decided not to load after dying, making me refresh the game and try again. Sometimes it can take up to 30 seconds to reset the level, feeling like the game froze. Sometimes, I just fall through the bottom of the level, one with a floor without spikes. Another level, i could barely even see the square, as his color matched the background almost exactly. I couldnt get very far in this game before getting frustrated because I felt like the game could not be controlled. Thats why I have to rate this game as I am.

CleitonEldorn responds:

Can you help me? What hardware are you using? Also your OS and browser might help me. I tested it on a range of systems, the game should run fast on most modern computers.