Reviews for "Through the Mirror"

The simple graphics made the game run super-smoothly. The controls were simple, so it was easy to wrap my mind around the puzzles once I got into the rhythm. The difficulty incline wasn't too harsh. Relaxing music instead of "retro" techno. With the way it's presented, and especially the last level, I feel like it might have meant something when the two shapes collided all from how you conveyed their relationship. The game itself was a little challenging, but I use that word sparingly because there's a difference between challenging and just hard. This game is not unbeatable which makes it all the more lovable.

Over all, the only bad thing, which isn't really that bad, is the shortness of the game. But you were doing this for LD, which in my opinion is a terrible idea in itself because you can't make a complete game with good quality and decent length in just two days. That is, unless you're on crack and don't sleep, in which case you might fuck up your game. Anyway, good shot at it.

Controls were a little buggy, there would be times I would try to move a tiny bit and not move, or go flying off the platform. Otherwise, I like the puzzles, it was a challenging cute little game!

Wow! We got similar idea of the theme! Although yours feels more like VVVVVV. Please take a lot at my entry:

Nice minimalism artwork, well-designed levels, and great music! Cheers!

CleitonEldorn responds:

Cool, I liked Mirrored Forest! Our ideas were simular, but we took different approaches, I liked the puzzle style that you used, and the relaxing feel. Good work!

Flip the controls and the game will be great. As it is my brain is melting trying to understand it.

This guy does everything right. There's a decent game (let alone considering the 48hours limit) following a topic, having a nice curve in difficulty progression, he credits his music and gives thanks for playing the game. I asked him about a bug and he answered - quickly - and fixed the bug.
Unfortunately, there are still some bugged things that makes the game unneccessarily difficult. Sometimes ball and square will be killed when they touch each other, some times they go straight through platforms (which can be good and bad, good, if you fall through the spikes...) and there's a problem with accelaration on key press, causing troubles with narrow paths.
Graphics could be improved of course, but that's a minor thing not bothering gameplay.
All in all, I'm impressed by everyone to get this thing done w/o dying (I won't try) and I'm looking forward to new games.
Thanks for the game and keep it up!