Reviews for "Through the Mirror"

This game is only worth a half star due to the music. The game itself is terrible as I can't make it past the platform screen which causes me to restart the game. I've tried every method possible to avoid the lava pit AND time my platform jumps and still can't progress.

I think there's a lot of potential in this game, i really do. te music is very soothing, the graphic is very nice and simple. The thing that throws me off and can see i'm not the only one that does, is that it's sort of laggy; when i tap a direction, it either barely move, or it flings me off whatever i'm trying to get on. That's the only thing, but when you have to not only focus on the puzzle, but also be damn careful about tapping a direction, it kinda gets too annoying to play :( which is a shame, cause i do like the game.

Well it started off good, but the controls were tough, and also, it was like the character was walking on ice, when you stop, he'll give an extra push, and nobody likes to almost beat a level and have to start all over from the start of the level again it takes too much time and the game is worth it all that much.

Well, The Game idea was good, The problem is it Makes me feel Confused, about the Fact that the Ball when you press <= the square => It's Like, Normal/Reverse Game, i thinked that the game is good, but it blows your mind :)

The game is awesome and for a game made in 48 hours, that is impressive. The fact that also using a CONTROLLER is amazing and a game made for that low amount of time is litreally outstanding. The graphics, (which though had to be rushed cause of time), still look great. Parts of the game could lag but thats probably me. All n' all, this isnt a bad game. Now if LD had longer than 48 hours, (originally thought it was 72 hours) this would come out to be a well better game. GG CleitonEldron, GG! And keep up the good work!