Reviews for "Sweep Miner"

Awesome game! The difficulty curve was just right, and the levels were fun :)

Really good. It has no challenge at the start, but gets much tougher as you need to memorise more. It's easier to memorise what you can then memorise the rest through trial and error.

wow, nice

A miner mining while avoiding mines and saving minors... Wah! Confusing, just like level 21, which made me swear...

I like the creative spin on a memory game though, and am always a fan of keeping my brain sharp when I'm playing games.

I'm looking forward to seeing more :D

MikeSalyh responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you guys/gals appreciate the mine-ception ;-)

This is the literal exact opposite of the last game I played on this site. The art is good, story elements are basic but present explained largely through gameplay. Difficulty largely depends on your memory or if you cheat but assuming you don't cheat and you have moderate memory, the difficulty curve feels just right. The only thing I would ding at all is that the game doesn't convey the best that rescuing the kids is optional. But a phenomenal game overall