Reviews for "Sweep Miner"

Well, it really annoys me how the only medal is beating the whole game. That's a LOT of levels to take care of. Of course, it seems too easy at first. That being said, I really do find this to be a fairly unique game. It was kind of a funny joke with that whole "miner" thing. Other people like it as I do.

It gets pretty frustrating as I keep making the same mistakes. Sometimes, it's just because I want to beat the level and I go too fast. Another ParagonX9 song? It was pretty good. I don't think the children ever explode.

Good game! great puzzles, and catchy song. Nice work

Nice game! I like the art design in it. I also like how it starts off very easy and then gets progressively harder the more farther you get with a nice difficulty curve in it. One thing I suggest is another song to play when you complete half of the game. But other than that, it's a good game!

very fun. I like the concept as well

Wow talk about a challenge! Starts off harmless at first but you sure gotta think a bit before taking a step. Will keep you on your toes for sure. If you want a challenge try this game!