Reviews for "Sweep Miner"

I enjoyed playing it but it was only slightly challenging although I can also see that as a good thing, there's enough games designed to make you rage. To be totally honest though my favourite part was the music, pretty epic

Well, well, well, it's a nice game, but I think it's a little too easy.

Generally a nice game. It didn't take me too much time to complete, all it needed is calm thinking in the start and a plan to get through the mines instead of raw memory. That said, I don't mean to say the game wasn't hard or fun. I liked it. The only thing I would like to see in it is a ''mute sound effects only'' button. Because when you are really concetrated in getting through the mines, it's annoying to hear a sudden ''BAM!'' when you didn't expect it.

Very fun, took me up till level 18 to die, but then after that things got pretty hard to remember, extremely fun game, one of the best I played in a while 5/5

I played this though the other day, and I thought it was quite fun. I liked how you could look at the level as long as you wanted to begin with. I think that when the level resets you should also get as long as you want to look at it instead of it resetting when it wants to.

The one change that I would make is leaving the miner's hat where it lands if he explodes. That way it is kind of like the flags in Mine Sweeper - marking the mines. It almost seems like that was supposed to be a feature with the animation and everything being the way it is.

I also noticed that you were a big fan of U and Z patterns when making the levels. That made even the harder levels easy to memorize. Very good design choices overall. Well worth a 5. :)

MikeSalyh responds:

Thanks for the review! Both of those ideas sound good. Perhaps the hat could be turned on/off (easy mode?). If CynicSama and I ever do a sequel to this game, I think we may implement those features!