Reviews for "Sweep Miner"

Pretty Good, I like it, but it could be a bit more harder on last levels. :)

Nice one Mike!
I really like this one, even though I suck of it cause I don't have the best short-term memory, hahah

It is a great Game and i really liked the music, it reminds me on the old nes games ^^ keep going with it :D

That was extremely fun, I like the idea, it was executed well in my opinion. The controls were smoothish, similar to bloxorz in my opinion.

I completed it with no child left behind! I usually don't like games that require memorie or trial and error, but I guess this is an exception. There definitely should of been more gimmicks in the later levels and I would of liked to see different environements too, but there was a time restraint (weekly game jam or something, right?), so that's understandable.