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Reviews for "i saw her across th world"

Was a pretty good game. Just seems a bit unnecessary for the whole rainbow selection to please any "special snowflakes".

krangGAMES responds:

I'd gotten literally hundreds - not exaggerating, hundreds - of comments, messages and emails from people saying how much of an amazing surprise it was to see that level of customization and inclusion in a Flash game, ESPECIALLY for the gender inclusion bit. Hell, look at the review right below you. It doesn't harm you at all and it makes other people feel happy and included. Why wouldn't I do that?

Anyway, glad you liked the game :)

I love how the beginning is all for equality and gender preferences! Love it to bits! Very cute!

As good as I thought the game was, why did you give the player the choice to choose the zombies genders? You should of just left the zombies as guy and girl and FUCK any SJW that doesn't like it.

krangGAMES responds:

Why does it matter to you? If it doesn't affect you - which it doesn't, at all - don't let it. However it DOES make other people feel accepted, who haven't found acceptance anywhere else. Don't hate on that, be happy for it :)

Anyway, glad you liked the game - thanks for playing!

Love it!

i love the game