Reviews for "Xtrullor - Ichor"

This... this... this is just... Oh my god... My brain... What happened to my brain? Wha... EXPLOSION OF DUBSTEP OVERLOAD! But seriously, this is some of the most amazing stuff I have ever heard in my life... I don't really see any way to improve! It has amazing melodic chords and stuff... Then some earthsplitter style drop stuff and amazing growls and wubs! This... It is so amazing! Please make more stuff like this!

Xtrullor responds:

My plan is to revolutionize the orchestral dubstep genre, sit tight!


Maybe this song is for toxin lab III? From 1:39.....

The piano in the intro so good and then the melody and chorus are amazing!

This is your best song so far. It's great to see a more smooth turnout, kind of a stride away from your normal hardcore dubstep! LOVE IT! :D