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Reviews for "Side Swapper"

I'm mad, I want more lol

I like this puzzle game!
but it has some bugs..!
I keep falling away from grounds...
But for your first game ever on NG..
It's pretty good!

Smike05 responds:

Thank you!

You can exploit level 11 by falling "up" onto the platform, jumping to the left and just grabbing the box from there without even going up the blinking steps. Is this intentional?

In level 12, I somehow walked right past the door and came out underneath it the first time... But then I tried again and passed the level, lol. Weird.

The control scheme was a bit awkward... I would have preferred movement with left and right arrows, jump with the up arrow, and space as the "action" key. You could have it switchable to W/A/D/Space for lefties.

That being said, this wasn't terribly difficult for me, but still managed to be stimulating. There were some pretty clever solutions to some of the puzzles, and the concept is pretty fresh (meaning that I haven't seen a million other games like this, yet). Kinda reminds me of "Karoushi" though; perhaps there was some inspiration, there?

really fun and interesting awesome game!

Decent enough. Simple concept, controls would make a lot more sense if you could map keys and use W to jump, not overly difficult but alright for a quick play.

Smike05 responds:

Alright, thanks for the feedback!