Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

i dont know if i am stupid or something but is there some special trick to open the gate with the 3 chests in the room in front of cell block B? or am i just to slow?

Very good game, maybe the controles are a bit heavy but thats just my own taste.

Reminds me on starbound :)

Really amazing! I'm a crazy fan of Castlevania series. But this story is even better and beyond expectations! Need a sequel!

amazing game. Any word on the sequel?

I have no idea how this game could be bad. It is challenging fun, and amazing. I love how you can go back to areas later, revisiting them with more items to further explore the area. This is the best zelda style game Ive played. There are even hearts and moonstones to collect, making it so you can play the game, even when you beat it. I love phoentopia, this is the best game on new grounds... besides project nexus lel.