Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Sir, you are a genius. I have no bad comments for this game. Good mechanics, strong storyline, lots of exploration, hard gameplay, all incredibly entwined, giving to the player the feeling that is an incredible game, an enormous adventure and a difficult task to accomplish.

From my point of view, you gave a present to humanity not only by making this game, but also by letting us play this FOR FREE. I would have paid for playing this game. I only write reviews when I abhor a game or when I love it. And I think there is no doubt this time that the second option is the one guiding my hands on the keyboard.

Let's analyse the game seriously: the art. Pixel art, transmiting the gold ages of the retro era, but also letting you obvserve the high quality of the whlo piece in its complete form. Astonishing backgrounds, every detail has been carefully prepared.

The mechanics: masterfully created, with all the items, the equipment, the puzzles and the combat. Every weapon can be used to kill whatever enemy you want. The fact that a slingshot that you found right when you start the game can still be used for the weak enemies when you are reaching the end is very rewarding. You feel that every piece of equipment is much more valuable that you first thought. The fact that you aren't usually wealthy allows you to think carefully what are you going to buy.

The music: I was studying music for 8 years, so I think I can say without a doubt that the music, apart from being VERY good, fits every part of the game perfectly.

The storyline: Gripping! I think that's the best word to define it. if you made a game about the war that ocurred before this story, you would make yourselves (refering to the team that made this game) famous in Newgrounds! or even in the history of flash games. Taking into account that it would be as good as this game is.

This has been my longest review on Newgrounds, but I had to write al those things. I repeat: sir, you are a genius.

By the way, for those who want to mute the game (what I would consider not enjoying the game completely, as you won't be able to hear the spectacular music), if you press the space key, you can control the sound and turn into fullscreen, apart from other options.

Thank you for making this game.

PD: I'm sorry if something sounds a bit strange, but English is not my mother tongue, I'm still learning!

I love this game. Love how is simply, challanging and beautiful. Love the songs and the story too! I don't know if I got the bad ending or there's a sequence incoming, but I love it anyways. (Got 86% ;-; )
Thank you author and team! Phoenotopia is awesome!!

Please make Phoenotopia 2 that has DOUBLE JUMP PLEASE ! I really want double jump ;;A;;

One of the greatest games I've played on NG, should be in the "Best of Ages" Category in my opinion. My anticipation for the Sequel has me on the edge of my seat, hoping it does come out eventually...

This game is a blast it is what link (or zelda 2) could have been if it was made with love.

The game mechanics are good but also hard to master so you'll see the difference if you are good with it or not. (well playing on the keyboard is harder to master I guess)

Their is plenty of content in game that you can do or not you're free to do so but you're not forced.

The narrative power of the tail you count is a blast!! I won't spoil the story because I think it is a MUST PLAY.
This is the kind of video game who has a story to tell and tells it right!

Music in the game is great some cool arrangement cosy musics in the cities, and action theme on bosses, the only shade to this are some sfx (water for exemple wich sound really creapy but hey...)

I love the game I still didn't finish it, even if I'm on it since 3 days.
I could have but I was so obsesed with finding secrets that I'm now on the final boss door and I'm still amazed by this game.

Thanks for making such a refreshing game!
If it ever goes to mobile or some other platform I'll get it again, and even if I have to pay for it I'll do it,
Zelda 2 costed an arm to us when we were kids and we all were disapointed at home since we hoped something like the first if it had been this game instead we would still play it surely.