Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

First off, this game is f***ing amazing. It has been a long time since I saw a flash game of this caliber. I like that it is really difficult, but without being metroid level of stupidly hard. There were a few times where it took me forever to figure out where to go next, and the bosses each took quite a while to figure out the little tricks for each one.

I am currently stuck on the Mul Caverns north (ive gotten the special item from there). The bugs are nearly impossible to deal with because they come in such large numbers, and you cant dodge around in such tight spaces. Also, I am getting lost in the caverns, there are so many ways to go and I dont know what I am supposed to be doing or where to go next. For that part at least, some kind of map would be highly appreciated.

Quells responds:

The general direction you want to go is up and north. Also, you can cheat the bugs by blowing up their nest and then leaving the screen. The bugs from that nest will be gone!

Great game, can't wait to part 2
Make it longer also better .

My the best game in this year. I can't quit with my computer. Good graphic and story.

This game is amazing and I love the soothing and relaxing music.

Best Flash game I've ever played. 5th run through since release and somehow manages to get better with each playthrough.