Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

The sand dragon boss is too tough! I tried to use bombs against it, but I can't do that without getting bitten. I can't dodge the dragons attacks when it jumps around and there aren't no healing items like in the ruins when you fought against the big frog.

For anyone who can't figure out how to beat the first boss, you have to use the sling to hit his butt and then use the wooden bat when he turns around.

What's up with the fish and the big flower in the forest? I tried to kill the fish, but it's like he gets healed everytime he gets back into the water. How often do I have to hit it with the sling to kill it?

Why can't the heroine swim? Or does she learn how to do that later?

Please make it so that we can use the weapons faster and more often. A wooden bat shouldn't be that heavy that you have to wait a few seconds before you can swing again.

And what is up with the coins? I can understand one for a piece of copper, but two or three for a piece of silver? coins made out of silver should be worth five copper cooins!

Quells responds:

Oh, the slingshot is more of a stunning tool. It only kills really weak and small enemies. You have to whack the fish (preferably with the hammer) to hurt it.

Also to swim, you need to buy the floatation donut. That's inside the house just before the swamp. And if you're short on healing items, there's a place in Duri forest (use bombs) to get a bunch of fruit. The fruit will respond every time you leave the area, so you can get a lot of healing items that way.

Hope that helps!

Great game!

Can't wait for the next chapters. You are going to continue right? :)

The story is beyond awesome and while I haven't found everything yet, I will keep playing until I get them all. The whole package just rocks.
Oh yes. I eagerly await the next act of this story.

My only question is, how on earth do you get the "Speed Runner!" medal. I keep finishing at 68 minutes!

5 stars for pitting me against an army of Wolf O'Donnell