Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

I love this game! I haven't finished it yet, but I am really happy that this game exists, it feels like old zelda games somehow. I love the musics, the graphics, the gameplay, even if sometimes fighting fast monsters is extremely frustrating if you make one single mistake, but I forgive this because the game is awesome! 5 starts for this :D Also I would like to report a bug, sometimes when die the game keeps going and the animation of Gale dying loops endlessly.

A wonderful game !! I can't stop playing with !! But a little help xD Where I found the spear ki?

Absolutely awesome. This game is clean, straightforward, and elegant, but also challenging with a ton of optional content and great balance of tools. The controls are fluid and timing is excellent. Enemies have elaborate but repeatable patterns that create a fair learning curve. This game is very hard, but not "cheap" - everything is within reach to a practiced hand. This is a WONDERFUL game.

Two content tweaks for the next installation I'd like to see that would make Phoenotopia 2 Better:
- The ability to to change direction in air, particularly to swing the main weapon
- A more detailed menu to keep track of ongoing quests and side quests

The authors of this game is a Vietnamese, and me too!
Game hay qua! Nhung bao gio ra phan 2 ha anh Tran H. Quang ?

i got to excited after i beat the big eye finally, and forgot to save, so then of course i was immediately killed.... only wish that there had been a save statue after that. but that was my fault, this game is still amazing.