Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Awesome game great art and incredible good pixel art
Can you please add option change control just not comfortable jump with Z button

Amazing :P

Magnificent! Absolutely esplendid! This is truly the pinnacle of all flash games, nothing I have ever seen or probably will ever see can compare. The music, the graphics, game world, the plot: everything is flawless! You guys definitely know what a game is supposed to be and how to do it! It is supposed to be a meaningful adventure! The best aspect is certainly the interaction between the characters and their dialogue. On top of that, the metroidvania aspects of it are top-notch.

A masterpiece of this stature must see a sequel whatever it takes, we are all anticipating it! Congratualtions to all who took part in the project!

This game was really well done, it felt like a good classic platformer game. Not like those usual casual games you see everyone online. This is a real, true game.

I really loved the art style of this game, along with how you designed the stages, enemies, and characters. Every platform, every area to explore, it was awesome.

The music was fantastic, fitting well with each area, scene, or room. It set great atmosphere in each stage and area.

I have to say, if you we're to sell this game somewhere online for a few bucks, I'd buy it, to support your talents and to have a client on my computer to play without using a browser.

I can't wait for your sequel.

I'm giving the benefit of the doubt with my rating since my laptop is pretty average, however I experienced frame skips that made the game more or less unplayable.