Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Great game so far, once you know its economy (yes it has a system in there) you can make tons of money and buy all the goodies! save system could be better though. doesn't save sometimes.

I have Watch Dogs on my Xbox 360 and I'd rather sit here and play this all the way through. Enemies can be annoying and it is a bit tough to time your shots with your weapons. I wish the weapons had more range. Other than that it's a solid game with a great story and highly addictive gameplay. This is probably one of the greatest games I've played on Newgrounds since I signed up many years ago. Congratulations on making a masterpiece.

This game is amazing and I love the soothing and relaxing music.

I STILL LOVE THIS GAME SINCE IT WAS RELEASED. When i first played this game i didn't expect the game to be heartbreaking, full of questions, beautiful and everything I wished for a game to have. This is one of the greatest games in flash history with its hidden lore and stylish graphics made in 2014 which made a better experience till now, i completed the game and 28/30 of the medals and its still WORTH IT from the gameplay experience. I hope the second game and the remake will arrive on console and steam. Quells, you are the best and I hope you finish the games for the world to truly acknowledge your talent and effort!

i love this game xD can't wait for the remake and the sequel - i hope they come out soon.

do you post progress videos on youtube (like yandere dev and others), or just a blog post now and then?