Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

So This Is A Good Game, But Could You Add A Medal For Increasing Your Health To 1,000? :) Also, This Is The First Review On The Public Release Of This Game.

I am loving the game so far, it's really neat!

I'm just having a really big problem trying to locate the bombs. i've gone to every place and looked and talked with everybody, nothing.

I'm also unsure of way to earn money decently in this game at this point, as enemies only seem to drop one or two of the currency at once.

Quells responds:

For the bombs, talk with Lisa and ask about "interesting places to visit". She'll teach you of a new location to get bombs.

For currency, at your point you can give honey combs to the honey inn owner or Duri fruit to a woman in the market place. If you want healing items though, there's a good spot for them in Duri forest (you'll need bombs)

Greatest graphics, greatest soundtrack, greatest story, greatest gameplay...you get the point.

Favorite game on this website, hands down.

This is just like a Nintendo RPG! Great Graphics, Great Music and little effects!
I love this so much!

Wonderful game! I love it^^ This game has potential to be made into a ds game or something. I would buy this. When's no.2 coming out???