Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

This game is a pure art , but i wasted 2 hours running rounds and rounds , i just dont know what to do .. i just picked up bombs . where the hell should i do next. i cant get to the bandit, nobody gives me new locations, i cant jump to this damn cave near bomb maker house. Game wont give even a single hint ? Man, really ? wtf ?

Absolutely love it!
Especially the music... reminds of the good old days of minecraft where people actually liked the music ;)
Anyway 5 star rating!

I love it.It just like a real fulfill adventure game :D

I can't load it on Newgrounds but I can play it on other sites. It's a fun game. I don't like the controls though. So difficult to aim at bandits with sling shot and there to fast.

Amazing nostalgia game. Best part is you don't even have to be a fan of the genre to have a great time!

well balanced gameplay!
great music!
totally unique plot!

I can't wait for Phoenotopia 2!!