Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

lol I was really shocked to see the name Adar as that is MY name! kinda made my day, lol dunno why

This is definitely one of the best games if not THE best game I've played on the net. :)

It's really cute, has a good story, and is lots of fun. <3

I'm not really sure it's T though except for the post-apocalyptic stuff and some stuff at the end being kind of creepy. :? A lot of T stuff seems to be a matter of horror but without blood and gore that would make it M, and other possibly darkly thematic stuff.

Other than that though, the game seems pretty harmless. ^^;

I'm not sure what to say other than I can't see what happens next. :)

Oh, and I really love the music for the cave area, but I seriously hate the exploding acid bugs or whatever down there. :(

If I played this game on another website--do I have to start a new file on this site again to earn the badges? Because the badges are all locked and I'm 99.99% done with the game.

This game blew me away. Everyone who worked on this game did an amazing job, the music, the characters, the graphics, they all touched my heart. I'm a highly empathetic person, but even for me the music carries such emotion and nostalgia. The characters, both major and minor, are relatable and heartwarming. The story was original and beautiful.

On a technical aspect, the controls respond well and the layout of the menu were well placed. And I admire that the game doesn't hold your hand and provides just enough instruction that it brings pleasure to solve the puzzles and grow your skills.

This game will forever hold a place in my heart. If I could purchase this game for console or computer I would, and I'm definitely purchasing the soundtrack. And I might send some fan art your way. Thank you for this game, and I'll be eagerly awaiting the sequel.

P.S. On a less "profound" note, this game made me cry lots, in a good way.

The game is perfect, the gameplay, the history, its all perfect.