Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Beautiful music, art, gameplay and animation. I don't know what more I could ask for. 5/5

this game is awesome, no words to describe it i can translate this game to brasil if you want so my country even withoth knowing can play if you need call me

i love this game the story is very interesting but at the end of the game i can hardly imagine the next part where gale was surprized to see her friends again,they are going to explain to her was going on in the ship and what happen before they arrive back to the village of panselo and what are the aliens planning to do next but its still a good game and fun to play :D

for those who are looking for the hidden village
1.) get 30 moonstones and give it to fran then go out and in the fran's lab and go to the portal
spike mace
1.) get 25 moonstones to fran and you may recieve a astroid rock
2.) get the 1st astriod rock on the misty george North where you see some platforms that are too high to jump and use your javelin and rocket boots to go get it

Great gameplay up until the very end. The difficulty never falls behind, and it never spikes up more than it should.
The story is nothing extraordinary but it's very enjoyable and doesn't stand in the way of playing the game.
It's not perfect by any means, but it's a very solid experience overall.

Amazing game! The story, the art, the music. I have finished it completely!

Except for the jelly goo (super potion), these jellies don't seem to drop them...