Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

...I think my green bracelet disappeared from my inventory after I beat the first boss...

Quells responds:

That is interesting... I'll look into this and see what I can do.

great game,but sometimes the Jump attack annoys but its not much important well...i would like some, help i already beat the bandits leader but now in stuck could someone say what to do next?

where can I find the music? Oh and btw. Music = 10/10

one of the best here on newgrounds, it has a feel of a true indie full game, I mean, it is...! it's original, it has scence, it has feelin, it's hard, it's fun, you can think about some of the places before night, its a fantasy with cience fiction in it, light and strong, I wanna know more about this universe of yours. I wish and hope that you're into more, I mean, to make this world its because you're talented, it's because you have more to share, selling it or making it free, keep goin, I follow you.

Bravo !, A true work of art! ... Although I have to admit I almost broke my keyboard in some parts of the game as the princess tower or cave insects. But ... Damn Billy !!!I hope you burn in fucking hell !!! I hope a sequel is made about the game that can not end well, not after Gale discovers his powers.I want REVENGE !!!