Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

I want to like this game, I truly do, but the combat and movement is so poor that I can't.

"Cannot bind to space" "Cannot bind to up".

...Then why the fuck bind the keys to anything at all? All I want is to bind jump to space and then I'd be happy.

game not load so annoying and wasting my time !!!!!

Got bored and gave up one minute into the game.

This would be an awesome game is the controls weren't garbage. AZ stupid toad can kill me because there is a slight delay between button press and attack. This makes the timing of attacks difficult. Also my character slides after walking. Why do game developers feel the need to make it seem like the world is coated in ice? It's a shitty game design choice that makes even basic movement more difficult than it needs to be. I am not running, not even close, and even if I were it's ridiculous to slide on every single surface in the game.