Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

I have wasted my entire day trying to figure things out with this game and I'm not even through it. It's awesome, love the atmosphere, love the story and the gameplay (Dont listen to the others guys, the gameplay isnt flawed, it's just need to get some used to). This game might be one of the best on Newgrounds and easily deserve the best score.

...Although I am totaly stucked at the part With finding Thomas. I have been navigating through crossroad/the great wall/Daea and his lab for hours now and I cant find a way to advance in the story. A little help ?

An option mode could also be a great asset, I once wanted to shut down the music so I could focus on something else and I was forced to turn off the game because there wasnt any way to shut it.

Quells responds:

To enter Thomas's lab, there is a hidden switch on the left wall of the first room. You can also turn off music by hitting the SPACE key to access the options menu. There's a volume slider for music and Sfx. Hope that helps!

The game is greatly made and I am curious about the story, but the controls are super frustrating. I'd pay a pund or two just to have run in native.

lol I was really shocked to see the name Adar as that is MY name! kinda made my day, lol dunno why

This is wonderful. It could honestly pass as an actual, paid-for game. You could sell this on steam and no one will question why it's there- hell, it DESERVES to be paid for. The controls are polished, the gameplay is simplistic but satisfying, the visuals are nice and easy on the eyes, and the story is, while also quite simple, pretty engaging at times. It's a very lovely game that's just well crafted and GREAT. Thank you, game dev, for making this and not demanding any money for it.

This game is amazing. The music, the old school pixel art style, amazing is all I can really say. I often find myself coming back, only now have I decided to make a profile, so I'm rating the game. One thing I wanna ask though, is there a way we can download it, and play it offline? I wanna be able to play this when the internet is out, of I'm taking my laptop on the road.